That girl Jane

“Excuse me! … hey excuse me! ”


“Yea you, have you watched The Walking Dead?”

“Walking what?”

“Msheeew! The Walking Dead? It’s a movie… a series…!”

It’s exam period. I’m in the library like every rush hour student. Cramming for tomorrows paper. Okay don’t get me wrong I’m a very hardworking person. Its just that I tend to forget rather fast.

I’ve been reading for two hours, nonstop, wow 2hrs! great!! I’m about to set a new record, my best time is 2hrs 23min. Which by the way was this morning . Yea I know, I keep track of time – you don’t wanna over-do stuff, especially studying, hehe.

“Hello! so have you?”

You see I was seated here, right here near this window and that wall socket. before I went for lunch only to come back find this girl seated at ‘my place’, yea my place … right near my window and my socket . Kwanza socket ndio inaniuma!. .. I’m sure if you have a desktop for laptop, that needs constant charging unanifeel.

I’m a gentleman, or so I think. Therefore I let her stay. But sat next to her, Just encase she decided to leave.

It’s been 20min now, still reading the same page. Man I can’t concentrate! Still thinking about my spot, my socket and my window.

Okay Murigi grow up! don’t be petty, Your window?, how is a window got to do with anything! You’ve got 200 pages to read.

“Heeeey you guy! are you ignoring me?”
(Read that with the voice of a pissed off 16 year old girl)

“I have not watched it.”
(now read that with a voice of a 23 year old whose window has been taken, lol)

I’ve made great efforts not to as much as look at her direction. She has been stealing glances on me every 3 minutes. And now she can’t take it anymore.Now she has decided to ask me about a movie!!! like we’re friends! I mean the least courtesy would be to apologize for talking my spot, or at least say Hi, before asking me about ‘Walking Dead’.

“Oh you have not? Oh my Gosh! you should ” she went on.


I try to voice out something but before I could compose something sarcastic she continues…

“Seriously you should watch it, by the way, I started jana, and niko season 3”

“Wow that’s good. Now will you…”

“Will I give it to you? Of course” She interrupts me again,

I wanted to say will you shut the f*** up.

“I’d love that, ” I reply.

You’d love that? Murigi are you nuts, this girl took your spot. Your window! .. and now you’re chatting like old friends? exchanging movies!!

“You’ll love it, i promise, kwanza season one!”

She’s elated, someone shares her interests, now she’s not the only defocussed person in the library. Talking about movies. She has a partner in me.

“I’m Jane by the way….but my friends call me Janice”

Janice!!! Wow her friends call her Janice? I’d really like to meet them, I mean when everyone else is shortening words, her friends decided to lengthen hers. Genius !!

“I’m Jon, but my friends call me John”

“Excuse me!”She’s laughing

I’m about to repeat, then i realize she wouldn’t get the joke… maybe i should write it for her… no need.

“I Said I’m John”

“Pleasure to meet you Johnny” she says. smiling.

Johnny! What? wow! she lengthens everything this one. Guess I should call her Janice after all.

‘Pleasure is all mine Jane “… yea I said Jane, not Janice. I’m not her friend. Right? (Lakini nikimpata simind pia)

I’m now looking at her.. and My oh My! She’s something(else).

Going by her size, she ain’t no 16yrs.probably a first year. She is wearing a jacket (okay I should correct that, I hear ladies do not wear jackets, it’s coats)

she’s now removing it. wonder why!!! ‘Hello Janice it’s cold, I almost shout.

Okay, Now I know why… see she has this cute sleeveless black top, tightly hugging that pot-less tummy, (she hits the gym this one. I doubt it, NO CAMPUS GIRL DOES, it could be natural.) it’s printed something on the chest, You wanna know what it says, well, come and look, I ain’t committing social suicide by staring at a girl’s chest… hell to the No.

I Promise to look though.


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