BabuSo I finally got hold of His Eminence Babu Owino for a “date”. Got him out of his ‘busy’ schedule… I’m talking about the embezzlement of the 33.25 million SONU yearly budget, and who said pilfering was easy, the dude gotta concentrate…anyway backed with enough HELB loan, fish-ugali and lot of mulsik wasn’t too much a bill.

I had my motives right, nearing the center is the dream, especially now that I’m becoming somewhat popular around here, having the other half on my circle didn’t seem like a bad idea.
He answered right, so it was a date, (wherever!!!)… I had suggested Sanford, he heard Sankara, so yeah my problems started that early. Friday 10th October, 8:00pm. The chauffeur was to peak me up outside the hostel. And 8pm it was.

I was ready by 6pm, had around 4k on me, enough money to eat at Sanford for a week with two friends and their girlfriends. As for Sankara?… I didn’t know, hell I dint know anything anymore, inviting Babu for a dinner was silly, doing it at Sankara was suicide!

The Toyota Mark III parked outside the hostel, guess that was his first car, didn’t look old though, still got plenty of miles left. Obviously Sam, the chauffeur, got a little confused on seeing me; poor dude is used to ferrying ladies to Babu’s den. Perhaps I should have explained but then my problems were bigger.
There’s no traffic jam when you need it, and with Sam eager to please his master, Chiromo to Westlands took us 5min, could have been less if Sam didn’t brake to admire some lady on a billboard. Sankara is quiet, I needed that, but then again that’s the only thing they don’t sell.

The attendant led me into a private lounge. Babu was there, sited like the king he was, sipping some wine. He saw me in time to stand and offer a handshake which I took, readily. It’s obvious he was surprised too; guess he couldn’t reconcile the person in front of him with the photo he saw on Facebook. If he was surprised I was startled… this guy was so short to be the bully I knew.
We sat down.

“Will you have some wine?” He offered.

“Yes please…wait! What? , ummmmh! Not wine, I don’t take wine.” I replied, needless to say none of these words came out clear.

“So it’s John right?”

“Yeah, I’m John Murigi Mwangi.”

I wasn’t going to miss stating my name-clearly, having blundered on the wine part, something he had obviously ignored, and now wine was in front of me, as red as it would have possibly been.
“So John what year are you?”

“I’m in 3rd year. “

“What do you take?”



“Yeah, chemistry!”

“Alright, that’s great, wow! I hated chemistry, it was very tough, you must be very smart?” he went on.

I was not sure whether the ‘very smart’ part was brought out as a question or not, so I didn’t know exactly what to reply. He was obviously patronizing me and it was working, he had assumed the higher ground and I was reduced to the feedback. I did a good job at this until he asked…
“So John why the dinner?”

I was saved by the waitress who came to pick our orders. She called Babu by name, then quickly extended a half smile at my direction. I had my ordered revised and without looking at the menu I said ;

“ I’ll have fish and ugali with mboga za kienyeji”… I said, looking at her with a by the way smile.

Babu took his time, skimming through the menu and obviously enjoying the closeness of the waitress who had now resumed the role of point-and-flirt.

“ati what are you taking John?”

“Ugali and fish”

“Make it two”. He said looking at the waiter who was now almost siting at his laps

She disappeared, twerking her way to the counter.

“I’m sure you wanted more than buying me dinner, Mr. John. And by the way I saw your article last week, not so true but then everyone has their opinion. So what exactly did you want?”

He saw my article- that open letter I wrote and was idiotic enough to tag him. Alright I needed to play this like a professional, like a real blogger, trend right and maybe, I’d get another dinner!

“Yea I’m glad you saw it” I began “it was addressed to you hence the tag”. As for the dinner, I Just wanted to get to know you, and let you know that what I write is never intended to mire you leadership in anyway. I’m simply engaging my readers on issues I think should be addressed in and around campus”

The waiter


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