Campus God



“Be at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be!”…1927 Desiderata, by Max Ehrmann

I’m normal so coming to campus was the dream, Naive and Green, (wait, green and naive are the same word, right?… wrong! look at the spelling)… anyway most importantly I was very “saved”…I’ve forgotten what that felt, already?

Orientation took 2 weeks. I sampled my options. My ‘spiritual’ options. There were lots of tussles here, so much enticement if I may. Every CU had their ‘thing’. Free lunch, movies, t-shirts, beauties, guest speakers, celebs, live bands and a little GOD. The competition was stiff in this regard, which CU kept their crowd more hyped than others. Which one would you ‘not’ afford to miss! Which one was the man!

From the famous Main Campus Christian Union, alias MCCU (my friend hate that acronym. ati MCUCU!!!!, just say the damn word in full)…` then there was the popular SALT-Serving a Living Transformer (pretty cool if you ask me) … Then St Paul Christian Union, The United Bible Fellowship, alias UBF, and finally Chiromo Campus Christian Union, the moderate of them all.

I attended all this meeting, devoured everything they had to offer then settled at SALT. SALT because, though I’m a Chiromite, Chiromo CU was too far from prefabs. Again I could not do MCCU- it was in Main campus and all Chiromites are supposed to hate Main Campus. I’m not a Catholic so St Paul was not gonna happen. UBF happened everyday so that didn’t suit me. So SALT it was.

SALT was cool or I was a nerd. I’d like to think not. Yea SALT was cool. Beautiful chicks, confident guys, a young pastor, short sermons, and a drum set that I’ve never stop admiring. Its here that i’d speend my next four years. and i’ve seen it all.

Sharing once faith among people who have not quite embraced they own life is very hard, people who have just began feeling confident about life. Intellectuals who are not, spoilt brats who got enough freedom and money. Poor nerds from remote dungeons, clueless shamba guys, Crack-heads from messed up families, dangerous crooks whose lives has already run out of luck. and those like me- skeptic, judgy, cynical, but normal. If only a little.

The campus God is as real as everywhere. But life goes on unabated, its routine around here, those in church are doing church just fine, those on the other side are doing the other side just fine. We are all student. Live your life and go to class.

I was writing this article with an the sole intention of bashing the CU’s for the rot that is the norm in campus now, but then the Campus God is the same everywhere and his standards remain unchanged even in an institution of higher learning. We need need Him or not is only our decision to make.

As for me. And my BLOG we’re serving God.


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