Its 4 days to Monday. Friday, Yea I know that should be Thursday, but its Friday. Fridays comes cheap in campus, too cheap.

There something going down today and it has nothing to do with beauty, coz I’m part of it, well I’m hot, but so is Babu and some other 50 goons!!! So yea beauty is definitely out.

Fast-forward. Its 8:30pm. Millennium hall 1, packed to capacity. There 3 kind of students here: This, Those and Me. Explanation?
The “this” students are the guys seated next to me, the guys who came in at 6pm coz that’s what the posters said, the guys who come in with some first year chicks, or are eyeing some equally plot-less chicks in proximity. The guys who will probably end the night seated at the same spot. The guys complaining that nothing is happening or why the DJ keeps playing the same genre. The guys who’ll dutifully cast the vote, that formality vote that never counts, coz the “Those” guys already have a winner

The ‘Those” guys!! Wow! this ones are many. But Babu sums them all. Speaking of which, where is he. Hope he comes. Yea I know, it’s like hoping the sky is blue. The only thing that this guy likes better than attention is more attention. I’m seated at the right side of the hall pun intended. ( tell me you saw that pun) so yea the right side, at the back, far from the exit, the battle never gets here. I’m not afraid of war, just keeping safe distance, you know! To be alive to report it. Which bring me to the 3rd kind of students. Me.

Me… I am, you know, the guy who has been waiting for something to write about. The strike never materialized, and his majesty Babu has not pulled any stance lately, but if this is your thing, yesterday he threatened to lead the students to “defecate in the VC’s office” his words not mine, (I’d never say “defecate”). But seriously, his Lordship, Pro Mbithi has not been in office for even 1 month? I like this guy. Which guy, Babu? Yea him, I have never and probably will never meet the VC unless I’m being expelled. So yea Babu all the way.

The dj has scratched it, now the ‘this’ guys are electrified “sura yako mzuri mamaaa, mzuri mamaaaa,” what up with this song? I just love it not.

It’s 9:00pm. Curtain drops, show begin, Babu is in the house. I didn’t hear him come, how could I … someone come and sat right next to me. Like really next me. Like there’s zero space between us. Like… like I can’t even see me… like someone help me out here. ( wondering why I’m  using so many ‘like’?) Would you rather  “as in”? Then shut up
Okay back to the hottie here. like next to me ( lol).. I’m now fully engaged in a conversation with …. Me. what do I say to her ? How do I start?

Hi I’m Jon or
Niaje msupaa or
Ni saa ngapi or
Hii place inabore or
Have we meet before? Or
Or…or… nothing and stay lonely all night.

All these are supposed to work, they’ve worked before. But tonight I’m not really into silly pick-up lines. I need a conversation, and if I am to survive this night of the battle of beauty (and balls for the goons). I need someone to talk to, pass time with, without them thinking I’m into a different agenda.


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