was around the Chiromo Mortuary early this morning. the pain is unbelievable!

So 152 dead, I really hope that’s the right number (I wouldn’t want to be unaccounted for if I was among them dead)

Less than a month after they realized that grueling Mpeketoni massacre video. What did we expect? They hoped for a better response than we accorded it. 43 minutes of a specially prepared graphic, detailed. Then we just brush it off. That’s unfair for the production crew! Seriously! This stuff never got even one like on YouTube with 100244 views, less than 24 hours of it debut. So like any ‘normal’ artist, they have decided to throw a tantrum. A big one….. Any militia with zero agenda always seeks for headlines, to remain relevant. The video was to achieve that. But we didn’t respond sufficiently. Unfortunately, so here we are. This time they got more headline than they bargained for. They out-did themselves.

Guys are really angry here, like really mad. Crazy even…… But at who? There is a divide here. There those who blame the Government, the Military, the Police, the Intelligence unit (I hear they are not police these one’s) they are more swaged-up than that. They report to the president, himself.

As of this morning, those that blame the government have increased a great deal. So I’ve joined them. Was blaming the Intelligence, but no one subscribes to this unit anymore. It was a private development. Only appears end month, to collect the pay slip. So the government it is.

This is my reason.
What the eff are our soldiers doing in Somalia? (Sensor that). That war ended. The Al-shaabab won. We lost, heavily. Now come back home and try salvage what’s left of the citizenry.

There is no shame in accepting defeat. We’ll live to fight another day. Let’s go back to the drawing board. Oh crap! Scratch that; let’s do away with the drawing board altogether.

Kenya had nothing to gain or lose from a war-torn zero economy Somalia. Kibaki (May he retire in peace or pieces depending on who is wishing him) sold us off in the pretense of securing our borders, he placed the country in the alter for sacrifice. Whatever the European nations offered him to eliminate the Somali pirates and protect their ships and merchandise based for East Africa was too much to refuse. Now their ships dock safely, business is booming…. and we’re dying.
Let someone else help Somalia’s women and children. Because Kenya’s women and children…… Naaaaaah wait!…….Kenyan’s “all persons” are dying. Big time.

So for those of us who know how to read…. Stop reading….. WRITE. SPEAK. SHOUT…OCCUPY STATE HOUSE. AND let this Commander-in-Chief bring back security from Somalia. We need it here.



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