SONU decides! (Babu oWINo)


‘If you see a mouse dancing there’s a hole nearby, by Babu Owino… Hehe!

The week was busy for any aspirant, putting down opponents’ posters and sticking theirs. (Shouldn’t there be a rule against this kind of politics) It doesn’t help much if your posters are well edited or you’re just plain cute, it goes down anyway.

Speaking of posters and cuteness; Babu his eminence Owino, had a fair share of his own. and by fair I mean well above the best aspirant. Still using the same photo I saw in my first year. but this time with Abby Gacheru. Mmmmmmh! This babe is cute… buuuuut… there is something about being near Babu that makes you a suspect. I’m not saying Babu is a bad guy, at least not here. ( I do not have a death wish). I’m just saying Abby really makes Babu look good, so much that she’s left with no ‘good’ herself. Anyway, good luck dearie, you just made a deal with the devil, (again I’m not saying Babu is a Devil), (that would be a compliment) lol

Whatever happened to Captain Dennoh? My guy that was so fast ! I hear you met head on with Babu’s truck. Sorry man, next time choose your side well. Babu doesn’t compete, he wins.

All the best Babu, we need you man. Crush them opponents. Real hard.
Naubadilishe hiyo photo bana.
And one last request! Can you do something for the following.
Ben serikal
Erick Janganya
Okul Mark
Kate kokumu,

Me, among others.
Unless they were in first year when I came in, or doing some second degree kama wewe…. These guys should have graduated already.

All the best Mr. Chairman….. naunasoma kweli! They should hack your student’s portal and leak those results.
#100,000 K for the man who brings me Babu’s head…. I mean results.
( lol… I just can’t help it)
Enough of this.


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