A girls has a name, and its Squinty June

So I met Squinty recently in an all too familiar territory. I had finally decided to squint through my Messenger and indulge one “cute” someone. Not that I hadn’t done it before, (too many fish out there) and being too good at empty chats, I always get someone hooked.

Anyway, I scan through my chat list, and there she was, Squinty June, the first of her name. Of course, it’s her name that captures my fancy, so I click to load. Her timeline is lit. She had just posted a photo, a phonto if I may, you know those pictures with very long texts? And usually with something supposedly inspirational? Yeah those. She had posted  about 20 min ago, with an equally long caption, gratuitously so! Considering she was repeating what the phonto had already said.

By now you realize I was am already assuming a superior attitude. I Had already decided she was vain. Usually I wouldn’t vibe such, but I was in too deep, and within no time, I was checking out her pics, and yes, what she didn’t have in …. She made up in beauty.

I decide to check out her info  to gather some material to talk about. She was as urban as they come, studied at Pangani girls and now doing Journalism at Daystar University. Oh she was also doing something in USIU, and  still another something at Kenyatta University, all the while working at uptown street entertainment… Okay, I guess that information wasn’t accurate after all. Though I was willing to bet on the Pangani Girls part. and with a name like Squinty!! Hell I was staking even my last coin on that bet. I mean just spend four years at Pangani Girls and you’ll be luckt to come out with a name,  much less Squinty.. . (I really don’t have any facts to back that claim) But its Pangani guys, Pangani!!!

Anyway, you’d expect that once we started chatting, I would try find out out some truth, I didn’t. Well I would have, had our chat not digressed to very unfamiliar topics, though (surprisingly) blazely indulging… and chatting we did….and are still.  (yes, that how you say it, “are still”)

#Game of thrones will be the death of me! #34


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