Borrowed Car!

It’s tough being a man. You have to be successful. Or intelligent. Or be the kind of guy who saves the world. Charming. Funny. Fresh breath. Fearless. Ambitious. Know how to fix a broken sink. Tall enough to screw a bulb. Be an attentive lover (whatever that is). But God can’t give you everything. Not even half of those.

Instead you snore at night. Your feet look like a herbal root? You haven’t had a lucky break. Maybe God gave you a large forehead. Or lately you can’t see your toes when you stand naked in the bathroom. You have gout. Girls keep telling you, “No, give me YOUR number, I will call you!” And they never call.

Good news, you can fix this and turn the tide without cramming  Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People.

You can work hard – or know the right people. Make tons of money. Then buy a luxury car. Like this Jaguar F- Pace. Then see things bend towards you. Society celebrates materialism.

Listen, here is a truism; girls love shiny things. Of course they will all deny it.They will say all they look for in a man is someone with a kind heart, a man who makes them laugh and is sweet and has ambition. Because for them its “more than just looks” and “money.” And maybe they mean it. But then show up in a Probox with your jokes and see. The joke will be on you.

I have never gotten so much attention from girls like I have in this car. If they knew I can’t even drive!!!

Dedicated to my dream car #JaguarFpace2016

Well, until something better comes along!


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