Back in 2014. (The chronicles of Babu Owino)


“Nyinyi mnafanya nini?” A cop asks us he tap that menacing ‘mti wa jembe’

  Two guys bolt, I’m about to follow them when 3 other cops appear behind us, we’re cornered! 

“Are you students?”

Now if a cop asks you that anywhere but school, you should really, really listen to his intonation.  A Yes or a No  depends on it… forget the mess you’re in. Ours was pretty messed up…

(24hrs ago)…

Sunday evening. 6:39pm

“The fees will be hiked?, we can’t allow that. All universities will and must go on strike. I Hear some ‘highschools’ have backed down,  keep strong  comrades.”

Wild cheers and laugher interrupts the heartily speech given by the eloquent, SONU chairman, Babu Owino. (Okay not so eloquent, but at least better than the former chair)

“They’ve come too much, Comrades. They pulled our ears, we kept quiet, they pulled our nipples we kept quiet,  they pulled our navel, (ati navel? how now?)  They pulled our navel, we kept quiet, now comrades they have pulled our p*#**.”

Whaaaat! did he just say that? Is someone allowed to say that?

Well Babu is. And he had.. wow this guy is ‘something else’.  I can’t listen anymore. But I dare leave.  Never,  I want to be part of it. History making is not passing me by.

We’re a crowd of about 100 idle students, standing shamelessly outside the  infamous hall 9. I must add whoever designed that hall must have deliberately placed a platform for public  address.

I remember back then as a freshman. Standing right here. These  goons  would scream their brains out expecting us to chorus back. Comrades power! They would shout. Then repeat it so many times you’d lose count, and finally placing one or two sayings at the end, they’d walk-away feeling all Martin Luther king.

“Comrades no matter how handsome a man is, he cannot marry his mother.” 

  The relevance of such statements with the problems at hand would beats me. I could not  understand the relationship between lack of electricity in the hostels and dating our mothers.  Lucky for them, the lights would always ‘come back’.

But today , I’m no freshman.  I’m a senior student. Living in a single room, A senior student, with 3 ex- girlfriends, and now dating a fresha. And most importantly with 3 supps to my credit. Few would brag OF such  achievements… Hehe

“Comrades, tomorrow we’ll  match in town. We’ll match to Kaimenyi office” Babu went on.
“We will not leave there until he tells us why he thinks he can play with our d*#*”

Okay now I’ve had enough, this guy is too much.

“Respect bana” I almost shout. But thanks goodness for my slow tongue otherwise I’d have faced the full wrath of all these fees-payers.

I needed to zip it if i was to remain there, and I really wanted to. Gotta know every  detail about tomorrow’s operations . I had always hoped for this day.  Wished even. 

Okay its not like there were no thousands of  this ‘full scale’ strikes in the last 3yrs, it’s just that they never took place while I was in session.  I’ve never experienced the thrill of being in the thick of it.  You know!, Dodging teargas canisters,  breaking a few windows, robing a few motorists, and being there when finally, Magoha- The Vice Chancellor, declares the school closed until mothernotice, and then walking home victorious, with guys in town admiring and hating you with equal measures.

So you would imagine my joy when the Almighty Babu declared Monday a public holiday. (I mean a students holiday lol).  Finally I was going to participate in one of the most fierce, and according to Babu, “Mother of all Strikes”

  Okay back to Babu, he’s now almost through, I know that because he’s repeating stuff he already said… To my loss, there no details given. Perhaps he doesn’t know exactly how this ‘mother of all strikes’  should go down, he never does. Just carry a stone, two stones. And you’re good to go. Genius!?

The crowd disperse. Energized. Can’t wait for tomorrow… Kaimenyi here we come.

It’s about 7pm, this night will be long, I take out my phone. need to update something.  Perharbs lie a little, you never know, my new catch could be online, she gotta see the bad boy she’s dating.

“Tomorrow Kaimenyi mimi nawe” I post.

Two second pass. Oh i have a notification.. ‘Kelvin likes your status’ 

Of course… Kelvin is always online. And he specializes on my status(s) . Post anything, Kelvin has to like.

I delete the post…

Now i need to get myself some nice  supper. I’m loaded,  can even take Babu out, lol, or maybe my new catch, oh yea the fresha.  Lemme call her. No, text her, ( I’ve already called her so many times today)

Hi … (mmmmmh should I call her dear or babe) 

“Hi dear, what do you say about dinner”

1min…2min…5min …finally

“Hae babez, aki avnt cukd anyting yt, xowi”

What ati ‘Xowi’ for sorry?!!?  Did i say she’s my new catch? …Who types like that anymore.  Someone shoot me right now.

“Babe no, I just wanted to buy us dinner ”

1sec…2sec…5sec. Then
  “Aaaaaaw tankx, woiye gve mi lyk 30min, nakam”

Ati tankx!?!! I’m dead.

She shows up 15min later, she’s a beauty this one. (Which covers the ‘xowi’ and ‘tankx’ blunders) … And actually right now beautiful doesn’t fully describe her… My ex should see this,  or maybe not.

I was planning to take her to the school cafeteria,  but this day might be our last here, the strike could go wrong, maybe I get hit by a stray bullet!!.. or the  school  get CLOSED … until 2030.. or both…

Okay guess I really need to think over this striking thing. Maybe I shouldn’t join. …I’ll sleep on it.

Tomorrow where art thou!


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