You see, when I say “I want you”, I’m not requesting a bar of chocolate that I just can’t afford, it’s not a figure of speech or some childish need. When I tell you I want you, I want every molecule of you. I want your passion and soul. I want your breath in my mouth. I want your lips pressed hard against my own. I want your suppressed moans in my ear, pretending like there’s some sort of howl trying to hide the sound, like you’re trying to bury it in your chest, but I hear it rushing around my earlobes. I want your fingers running through my hair and your lips to move faster and harder and deeper against my teeth. I want your head involutarily pushed backwards and your hips pushed tight into mine until our skin is glued together. I want to feel intense heat radiating from your skin and sweat glistening as it runs from your forehead, over your nose and dripping of your chin unto my chest. I want to feel your muscles spasm against my flesh. I want you to beg, gasping for air. I want your neck exposed to me to bite, and your chest heaving, skin against skin, flesh tearing against flesh. I want your entire body wrapped around mine, I want us grinding, biting and clawing at each other so hard it makes our muscles clench and our skin to tighten. When I say I want you. I don’t just want you… I want us.



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