Boniface Mwangi


This tweet is defamatory , and the writer was going for just that. it was not about reporting truth or some alignment with some good cause, no, it was meant to hurt, and I dare say attract some retweets… and so it did, and now they are suing.

The Deputy President’s lawyers want a retraction and an apology, which apparently should get as many retweets as the defamatory tweet thereof.

So the writer, the much acclaimed Boniface Mwangi, can either stick to his words and face the defamation suit or do as his friends are suggesting: argue that the title “Deputy President” does not refer to one Mr William Ruto.

.. The other option, one that a majority of the city bloggers would run for, is retracting or/and giving an apology…. he wouldn’t do that.

Anyway the first option is ballcy, and for an activist of his stature, facing any lawsuit is basically what he thrives on, and whether he wins or not is not important,

Going with the second options is stupid. and granted, I’m afraid he’d go with it… Reason:
1. going with the first option, admitting that the named title (deputy president) refers Mr William Ruto, is too risky since, like we all know he does not have any proof for his accusations.

2. He could go to jail, or face some heavy fine which he can’t pay, and hence go to jail, and no one is ready for jail.

3. Finally, he’s just Boniface and the plaintiff is the second most powerful man in Kenya.

Anyway, there’s no enough drama in this whole thing, at least not enough to warrant such a long piece from me, the last powerful man in Kenya, but I really hope Boniface will not try to argue that he was not referring to William Ruto in this tweet. That would be stupid and vain. we all know he did, and “respect” him enough for that, we also know it’s not sufficiently true, but again “respect” him for sticking it to the government in and out of season. gratuitously so, sometimes!

We want people who can stand with what they say, bullshit or otherwise… be a man, coz we really can use some in Kenya… (just don’t be Robert Alai)

That said, I’m not really on either said here, but if we’re choosing sides, I’d probably go with Boniface, seems everyone is there anyway.



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