The statement (by the NASA coalition) that peace after/during the general election will depend on whether or not the election will be free, fair and credible is, in my opinion, very dangerous.

They say peace is born of justice and fairness, nothing could be more true; but, justice and fairness, like peace, are relative. In an election where everything is at stake, the idea of fairness and credibility depends on what side of the political divide you belong.

History shows that most elections in Kenya have been marred with gross irregularities and outright rigging, which inevitably lead to violence.

The electoral commission has never been know to give a credible, free and fair election which satisfied all the contestants. Therefore it would be naive to imagine that anything will be different in 2017. I’m sure they are doing their best though (hopefully)

However, it almost always doesn’t matter what the results are, if they don’t go in our favor.

Fairness and credibility in Kenya is only seen to happen when it favors your choice candidate. Rightly so because, our society is highly suspicious and untrustworthy.

As such, good people, the August election cannot and should not be pegged on whether IEBC will conduct free and fair elections. No, that will not happen. For even though they manage to deliver a free, fair and credible election, it will not matter since our choice candidate might have lost. and like I said earlier, a free and fair election in Kenya is one where our “person” wins.

What then should we do!

This is my humble submission. Peace is an inherent good. Peace is irreplaceable and though relative, it is largely standard by any measure. That is to mean, whatever means peace is achieved, it is still peace, since the opposite is chaos and by extension, violence.

So what then do we do about an unfree and unfair election?

Well, unless we’re irreversibly messed up and learnt nothing from the 2007/8 dark days, let’s do courts.

The judiciary seems to work in Kenya these days. let’s do that. Let’s go to court and let due process decide what’s fair and just. Because we cannot afford chaos and violence.

IEBC will not give a free fair and credible election. Not because they can’t, but because the results might not go our way.

Peace is Kenya is not as a result fairness or credibility. Peace in Kenya is about people making a conscious decision to maintain it. At all cost.





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